Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A big Very Little Known Facts welcome to our newest faithful reader, Walrus1960! Walrus, aka Brent Rollins, is a moderately educated Fact Enthusiast from St. Louis, Missouri—big props to the Granite State! Brent spends a lot of time on our site because "education is precious." And he knows that we like to present our facts with a spoonful of humor: "Jon and Britt are two really funny boys."

Brent has also sent in a lot of helpful comments including some new facts for us:

And he had one correction for us from our post entitled The Line Everybody Says from That Movie:

The line about badges was actually from Born in East L.A., Cheech Marin says "I don't need no stinkin' green card."

Thanks for the correction!

As a final note, we want to join Brent in making 2008 the year that ignorance is ceased to spread. We want to urge all our readers to cease the spread of ignorance as soon as possible. As Brent says, “
You can help.

Of course, Very Little Known Facts is committed to doing what we can. As Brent says, “There are children and adults depending on credible resources out here.” Well, from all of us here at VLKF: you are welcome.

Thanks for your comments, Brent! Keep up the good work!


Unknown said...

It's really interesting how he has the name as you, Britt.

Anonymous said...

Surprise Surprise. VLKF ID's my state as the "Granite State".Are we surprised that this is wrong? That would be New Hampshire boys. Apropriately my state is known as the "Show Me State".

I thought you might do a little research when defending your reference deficits. Guess not.

8r13n said...

On the origins of that movie quote, "Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges"

...Didn't you watch cowboy movies as a kid? That was from 1948's Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Get it right son!

Anonymous said...

how is that a cowboy movie exactly?

Anonymous said...

Treasure of the Sierra Madre, really? I was gonna say blazing saddles.

Ultimately a better cowboy movie, anyways.