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Crystal Meth: Pros and Cons (Part Four)

As part of our ongoing mission to look at social issues with a fair, non-biased prospectus, we here at Very Little Known Facts are proud to introduce this, the first in a multi-part series about crystal meth and other methamphetamines.

Some say that meth is fun, while others contend that it may in fact be fun, but also it is very bad. In the middle fall still others who don't know the facts and are reserving judgment until they have tried meth for themselves.

Hopefully this series will allow you, the reader, to make an informed choice in deciding whether or not to devote a significant amount of your time, money, and life to this controversial substance.

Crystal Meth: Pros and Cons: Part Four: The Long-term Effects of Methamphetamine Use and Abuse

Science has made many breakthroughs over the years, but few are as hallucinagenic as the invention of the class of drugs known as methamphetamines. This class includes such drugs as meth and crystal meth, which is a crystalline form of methamphetamine.

The following are several bullet points containing many of the long-term effects of methamphetamine use and abuse:

  • paranoia
  • addiction
  • dry mouth
  • stroke
  • weight loss (not the good kind, the bad kind that makes you look like a meth addict)
  • death
  • unexplained itching

Meth: Myths and Facts You Might Have Missed

Long-term methamphetamine abuse, while no doubt entertaining, may result in many undesired effects including (but not limited to) addiction. Meth addicts constantly crave the singular sensation of highness that comes from introducing the drug into their system. Eventually, this can lead to anxiety, insomnia, poor dental hygiene, loss of self-esteem and feelings of wellness, homelessness, paranoid delusions of grandeur, track marks or snort marks, intense weight loss, loss of job and social standing in the community, criminal behavior, poor choice of friends, violence, psychotic breaks, hallucinations, chronic masturbation, loss of appetite, feelings of ennui or listlessness that can only be ameliorated by subsequent intake of methamphetamine, murder, bone marrow loss, mood swings, poor financial planning and planning for the future in general, craving for sugar and sugary treats, loss of control, dead souls, isolation, disorder, insight, shadowplay, a means to an end, feelings of being torn apart by love, feelings of being disconnected from one’s body, feelings of general positivity or negativity or indifference for the universe in general irregardless of one’s own position in it, suicidal thoughts, matricidal thoughts, goiters, limp lip, irritability, loss of control over one’s own thought processes (in particular the loss of the ability to stop thinking about meth), stroke, heart attack, the feeling or absolute certainty that you are having a heart attack when in fact you are not, the feeling that you have AIDS even though you just got tested last fall but that was before you hooked up with that scary bartender with all the skull tattoos, and not like just one or two skull tattoos but A LOT of skull tattoos, skull tattoos all over, skull tattoos in inappropriate places and places where it would be really painful to get a tattoo and places where you would never want to see a skull tattoo especially one with “MOM” written across it in gothic script, muscle atrophy, night sweats, jaundice, degraded nutritional choices, misguided feelings of infallibility and invincibility, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects creeping on the skin, called "fornication").

Tolerance: Need More Meth

Meth tolerance builds up over time in inverse proportion to the tolerance one’s friends, acquaintances, loved ones, and employers have for the meth user. The user must either increase the dosage or add “enhancements” such as baking powder, bleach, or drain cleaner to the drug. In some cases, abusers may forego food and sleep while indulging in a form of binging known as a "binge," injecting as much as a half pound of the drug every 2 to 3 hours over several days until the user runs out of the drug or is too disorganized to continue. Chronic abuse can lead to psychotic behavior characterized by mild confusion, amusement at jokes that are not actually funny, and sexual side effects—although intense paranoia, hallucinations, wildly inappropriate behavior and inexplicable rage including extreme violence are much more common.

Is Meth Mouth a Myth?

Meth Mouth is not a myth. Meth mouth is caused by inattention to dental hygiene in conjunction with the highly dangerous solvents that attack your teeth along with the sweet foods that meth addicts often crave. If you want to see many graphic examples of Meth Mouth, then you are a twisted individual and should probably seek psychiatric counseling.

Is Meth Bad for You?

Despite opinions to the contrary, the overwhelming majority of the scientific community feels that meth is ultimately bad for you and should be avoided at all costs.

In scientific studies examining the consequences of long-term methamphetamine exposure in animals, concern has arisen over the ethics of exposing animals to a chemical known to be as toxic as crystal meth. Researchers have often resorted to experimenting on human meth addicts who line up around the block to participate in clinical tests. Some of these participants later report being “disappointed” by the experience. Significantly, the test subjects who reported being “disappointed” have a 99% correlation to the members of the control group who were given placeboes instead of meth.

Withdrawal: Should I Stop Snorting or Injecting Meth? Will I Miss Meth?

Although there are no physical manifestations of a withdrawal syndrome when methamphetamine use is stopped, the meth user may still experience a desire to continue the use of methamphetamine. This is natural and may continue for the duration of the user’s lifetime.

COMING SOON: Part Three: Crystal Meth: Pros and Cons: Crystal Meth, Celebrities, and You. Which celebrities, politicians, and televangelists are meth addicts? You might be surprised.


TashA said...

I have heard that meth use can cause gnashing of teeth & acerbic replies. Is this true?

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear tasha,

Thanks for your comment! It is a common misconception that meth is acerbic. Methamphetamine is, in fact, a base, which means it would explode if it came into contact with an acerbic substance. As for the gnashing, though, that sounds about right. Thanks again for your comment!

Pops said...

Is this one of those televangelists that you was a' talkin' about?

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear pops,

Thanks for your comment! The answer is yes. Thanks again for your comment!

walrus1960 said...

How nice that you find distributing humor and misinformation about drug and drug abuse so entertaining. You aren't doing anyone any favors here. The "no known physical manifestations of withdraw" should encourage those that might otherwise believe meth addiction is a big deal.
You guys might want to think about the point of your site. Is it to inform?It doesn't
is it for humor? it's not.
entertainment? hardly
contribute to the Ignorance of Americans? It does.
You might think about some kind of disclosure about the real intent of a site like this.
You could lie and say it's only for "entertainment purposes only".
Or you could do the responsible thing a desist in the spreading of bogus info passing as fact.There are children and adults depending on credible resources out here.

Anonymous said...

well this is the first site I have found (in way to much time spent on this computer!) that kinda makes me rethink my 8..7..maybe 10 year addiction to jib....seem a little funny rather than ....??
Thanks :)I like it...

Anonymous said...

It is definatly possible that you are on meth right now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with the walrus, and the act of informing you gentalmen that when you invent facts, and misinform knowlege seekers, to add support for your own agenda, right or wrong, I say wrong, since I can tell that neither of you has done ANY homework on the subject, then visitors of this site need to know that this information is just another laguardia report. Everything is either simply false or just plain made up.
To find the info you need you need only seek the truth, its easy to tell from lies, which lie with in the laguardia report. I dont think theres alot of genuine reaserch thats ever been done even on marijuana (no reaserch that can be deemed usable information). re-read the top of this page and ask yourself if youd let either one of these guys sweep your sidewalk without adult supervision. lastly you guys both look like speed demons!! could it be that your reformed demons seeking to reform some friends?
The government is destroying its own credibility, and each person that finally realize about the governments real lies, restores a little more of the truth.

If your thinking about trying dope,
you could not possibly reaserch the subject enough. STOP and smoke a joint instead.and the truth is,

!!It will NOT make you KILL Your Mother!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm doing a project for school and i was just wondering if anyone can tell me the good things meth does. like helping loose weight, etc. thatnk you for your help.

Flash said...

Everyone the information here is correct and is intresting to read. Also the only good thing meth does is make you feel good for over a day but with extreme side effects. Also meth and other drugs can be used for treatment for bad illnesses like cancer to take away the pain. I have found this site very helpful and I am looking forward to the next part

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me which group of people meth is most popular with? Males vs. Females? Whites vs. blscks? Teenagers vs. middle aged adults? Thank you so much-school project! :)

gstn said...

Joy Division causes the same effects!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible information. If anyone is reading this for educational purposes, you can find far better resources elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what are the pros of meth

Anonymous said...

Ive stopped using meth now for two weeks, but I still have an eye infection in my left eye, aswell as both my eyes being erregularly red on the inside. Ive been smoking for only a month, but I havent stopped one day

Anonymous said...

i have used meth for nine years . i have made it through a five year cort case- trying to put my father ,a hefour time offending petifile behind bars . he sexualy abused me from as young as i can remember till age 13 -he was found guilty .for another family member .i had four wittenesses .and i lost at court .i need the joy of this drug .i look like a normal person .i function well in public settings.i am kind .a great mother .my kids are the top of there class.there teachers like me.i have never been a whore or a drug dealer . and i am not depressed. i am poor .but i was raised on whealfare .and we have everything we need .there is love in my home and strong family values .and respect. whats wrong with getting high on bad days . and being happy .???????. i know the people who believe your fuct up statistics on crystal meth are scarry to know or be around !! I do not't allow thoes people to even know where i live .cuz i live a normal life reguardless of my drug habbits . and i am healthy too !!!! thanks > gota go >.

Anonymous said...

the joy division reference is fucking badass im an ex tweaker

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this is an idiot. While Meth is nasty, some of the things you wrote are just silly. Get your shit together before you post stuff.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from the meth addict here. Your utter inability to spell and construct a decent sentence speaks volumes. Meth destroys. The end.

Anonymous said...

Well I always looked down on any type of drug and one day when we were drinking I was offered to try it and I did. I felt really happy and talked about some deep shit lol but I didn't do it again after that for a really long time. Then when I was falling asleep studying for finals my friend was over and suggested I try it again so I could stay awake and actually study; I aced my finals!! I never did more than a nights worth and I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat for maybe a day or just half a day but I never wanted to keep on going. I have had hangovers from alcohol that were wayyyyyy worse. Personally I don't see the harm in doing it recreationally every once and a couple month, just don't let yourself get addicted and your good. So stop judging and try it for yourself then once you see there is no harm in it once or twice you'll understand! Good things can come from it.