Friday, June 08, 2007

Mysteries of the Unexplained

According to this article from, some residents of Rosemont, Illinois see the ghostly, haunted face of their dead mayor in the bark of a local Sycamore tree. Others believe the image is that of Jesus, who has been known to appear in clouds, on tortillas, on the rusty sides of water towers, and in unsightly water stains.

Other theories include the following:
  • The face in the bark of the tree is that of an ent from Middle Earth.
  • The face resembles Herman Munster.
  • The dead mayor resembles Herman Munster.
  • The bark is just bark.
  • Red Sox slugger Johnny Damon looks like Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Damon's been a San Diego Padre since 2005.

Anonymous said...

So's your mom.

Jason Hartley said...

Isn't "padre" Spanish for "father"?

britt bergman said...

All interesting takes on the subject at hand, guys!
Thanks again for your comments!