Wednesday, June 13, 2007

That's a Fact Jack--and Jeff!

  • ¡No mas! Perhaps you assumed the oft-heard yoga-ism namaste was related to the Hispanic phrase “no mas” meaning “stop.” The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Figuratively translated, namaste means yoga! On the other hand, literally translated, yoga is Mexican for “I am gay.”

  • Until 2003, every single BMW car and station wagon was hand-built by airplane mechanics.

  • Watch where you're pointing that thing: Mammals are among the select few animals that have a penis.

  • Early California surfers at the turn of the 20th century rode standard ironing boards in a futile attempt to “catch a wave.” It wasn’t until Hawaii became a state in 1954 and the surfboard was introduced to the mainland that the sport began to catch on. Incidentally, this was the origin of the phrase, “Hang Ten.”

  • Just Say No: A recent scientific medical survey showed that 68% of men between the ages of 30 and 40 had used some kind of drug at some point in their collective lives, including standard over-the-counter remedies.

  • Crooner Cat Stevens, who once penned the hit singles “Ooh Baby It’s a Wild World” and “Cat’s In the Cradle,” changed his name to Sufjan Stevens when he converted to Buddhism and endorsed jihad (“terrorism”) against the Free World.

  • ARRRGH MATEY!!!! Scuttlebutt around the recent Can film festival in Spain has it that Martin Scorsese will “score” again at the helm of the upcoming sequel Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Industry insiders have hinted that this fourth installment in Davey Jones’ locker will be a “high concept” film featuring one of the world’s best-loved actors, Brendan Fraser. Stepping into the slightly effeminate pirate shoes of original actors Johnny Depp and Richard Greico, Bren will not only play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow but will also play his twin brother Jeff. Good luck, guys!

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walrus1960 said...

Jack and Jeff have anoited me
as a member of their team at VLKF.
It is a position never employed by the site. An actual fact checker!
For instance the claim that Cat Stevens converted to Buddism (he didn't-entirely different belief then Islam and endorsed jihad against the free world.Not True see below:
Libel case victory
In October 2004 the British newspapers The Sun and The Sunday Times voiced their support for Yusuf Islam's deportation by the U.S. government, claiming that he had supported terrorism. Yusuf Islam sued for libel and received a substantial out-of-court "agreed settlement". and "Cats in The cradle" was by Harry Chapin not Cat Stevens. Hawaii became a state in 1959 not 54.
Some people are too lazy to work for the privilege of earning the public's trust.
Now if Jack and Jeff had a triple X movie review or snake oil sales site, I'm sure they could represent.Unfortunately these are not the inconsequential commodities they are presenting to a increasingly gullible public.