Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fact-Finding Mission Accomplished!

Do you ever get the feeling that you're not "in the know?" That you are missing some key facts in any given situation? Don't worry, our crack team of fact-finders will locate the missing facts and bring them directly to you, right here in Very Little Known Facts!

  • DON'T BLAME ME, I GAVE AT THE OFFICE: Officials estimate that charitable contributions in the United States and, indeed, throughout the world help many millions, but some still suffer from ongoing difficulties.

  • Condensed milk is six times denser than uncondensed milk.

  • IS YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE? A single jogger running 1.2 miles (500 metric meters) emits more carbon monoxide in one hour than a nuclear power plant does in one week.

  • Just like snowflakes, no two Social Security numbers are alike.

  • IT'S PELICAN, NOT PELICAN'T: If for some reason a pelican cannot catch enough fish during an ocean flight, it will starve to death.

  • The phrase "no man's land" refers to the unclaimed or disputed territory between opposing armies. Originally the term was "nomad's land" because during World War I transients and gypsies often slept in the ruins of buildings in these dangerous areas. In 1953 the phrase was officially changed to Demilitarized Zone (DMV).

  • TASTES LIKE CHICKEN: Insects and human semen contain more protein than a pound of lean ground beef.

  • Asbestos, though popular in the 1980's due to its inexpensive qualities, is now considered to be a lethal building material because it is highly flammable. Modern ceiling tiles are made from asbestos coated with an ultra-thin layer of plastic for safety.


Anonymous said...

"Condensed" milk is actually thinner than regular milk! If you look at the "Greek" roots of the word, it explains it all!
Con- means not, thus "condensed" means not dense! Dense milk is 4 times thicker then regular milk and is often compared to "heavy water".
Johnny Ronaldo

walrus1960 said...

Condensed means to reduce to a more dense form.
Heavy water has nothing to compare to milk as it is water enriched with an isotope called deuterium.
Hey Johnny, you do know what a dictionary is? These guys are not where you get real facts.In fact, these guys are irresponsible anti-educational crimminals.Pathetic Posers.
They imply bigoted racial insinuations-You do think of Lazy, gambling, drunkards when you think of American Indians? Don't You?
and surely you know there are no physical withdraws from meth addiction?
Jon and Britt are two really funny boys.
Maybe it hit me wrong. When researching for my little boy's research on American Indians we came across the lazy, drunk remark and being American Indians ourselves the humor escaped me.
I just fear others may take this as reliable information instead of a sophmoric,irresponsible,fake,unfunny site claiming to be a legit resource.

Larry said...

the asbestos thing is all wrong dude asbestos is not highly flammable, take it from a Stoser like me