Thursday, October 04, 2007

Moslems or Muslims: A Comparative History

Due to the unfolding events in the world today, and indeed the previously unfolded events from days prior to this current day, and finally mindful of possible events that may or may not subsequently unfold in the days to come after today (Thursday), we here at Very Little Known Facts have undertaken to provide some of the deep background on Islam as it compares to the other, less Muslim (Moslem) religions. This information, though vitally important in an esoteric/geopolitical/impractical sense, is nonetheless very little well known amongst Americans and other citizens of the Coalition of the Willing, i.e. Poles and Australians. As part of our ongoing mission to enlighten the unenlightened and to elucidate the unelucidated, we present a comprehensive and all-inclusive history of one of the most historical world religions in the world.

The Little Religion that Could

Like every other religion in the world, Islam has its roots in the Fertile Crescent, today known as the Middle East. The prophet Muhammed (Mohammad) introduced the teachings of the Koran (Qu'ran), the Moslem (Muslim) holy book. The Qu'ran (Koran) has never been translated from the original Arabian, but sources say it encourages living a life of righteousness amongst other things. The face of the prophet is traditionally hidden or obscured due to the similarity of his appearance to Jesus Christ, who is worshiped by Christians and grudgingly admired in a strictly platonic fashion by Jews.

Muhammad (Mohammed) quickly became a leader both in a religious and civil and military sense. In the 7th century he conquered most of what is now Saudi Arabia and what was then the future modern-day Saudi Arabia. His primary weapon in this conquest was force, but he did not hesitate to use secondary weapons, such as the threat of the usage of force. By the time of his death at a tragic age, the entirety of the then-Islamic world had been converted by himself.


Muslims (Moslems) hold strong opinions on a variety of issues including:
  • pork
  • Jews
  • women
  • holiness
  • war (peace)
  • those weird marks on the center of the forehead (they don't have them)
  • America
  • God
  • the relative roles of religious and secular authority in civil society
  • head scarves

Many Islamic religious leaders have the authority to issue an edict, or a FATWA which translates as For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Moslems (Muslims) also participate vocally in the countries of which they are constituents, such as Iran, Syria, Indonesia, and Afghanistan, where Prime Minister Musharraf himself is a Muslim (Moslem).

A Comprehensive and Definitive Comparison of the World's Four Major Religions

The easy-to-follow chart shown below details the major beliefs of the world's four most major religions as determined on a per-capita basis. (Note: Hinduism and Mormonism were discounted because of the patent absurdity of their beliefs.)


In short, the world is a diverse and interesting place, full of interesting people and religions with divergent yet not necessarily invalid sets of beliefs. (Hindus and Mormons excepted.)


Anonymous said...

dear you have not known anything about islam, it is good practice but i advised you study islam extensively, i reccommend that you should study some books of islam, actually today muslims are not follow the islam if they do then they can rule in the whole world. alas muslims are not follow the originol islam or spirit of islam.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, where do u get these facts? 1. the quran has been translated into atleast 20 different languages ( English, Urdu, Spanish, French etc.). 2. Nowhere in the Quran or in the hadith does it show a picture of muhammed (PBUH) or a comparison of any other prophets look with his. 3 if u read his biography, he hated using force and mostly converted people with words and logic. 4 to u the last person to comment... where do u get off calling people *^%holes and call yourself muslim? GEEEZ -.-

Anonymous said...

WOW hypocrite... "a little learning is a dangerous thing". u sir need to understand a lot more about this religion before u can write stuff about it. u especially pissed me off with the facts (WRONG). please learn a bit more. i suggest a published book or two. not the words of ur college buddy who attended a lecture about islam while he had a hangover. PA-THE-TIC. im not even muslim or hav studied the religion and i kno that half of these facts are wrong.

Anonymous said...

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Mark Jones said...

God isnt real, jesus isnt real, religion is bull shit. End of.

Anonymous said...

First off are you all so scared off terrorists and crazy pplz that you censored this picture? Second of all jesus, buddha, jahovis,allah,mohammed,zeus, amateratsu, shiva, vishnu after all indeed very cool but not real. I see amateratsu( japanese sun god) and Minerva in my mythology book but not jesus. Some god may exist its unlikely we all just got here from an explosion something HAD TO HAPPEN but you see no proof today that any god on earth exist but imbecilles that go around posting fuck shit and cunt on here what is wrong with you? No god on earth is true just stories to lead us rightfully i believe there might be some god out there but none on earth you see all these satelllites up in the sky but no pictures or images of Brahaman or jesus its just pure stupidity, raised in a cathlic house hold im no more open that jesus exists and shinigami dont. what kind of person honestly believes that there god is awesome frankly muslims bombing the media, christians bombning abortions, Pagans burning cathlocs are all stupid. Frankly there should be one or no religion being focused around one being allah or fla fla ladyh gaa ga or toaster man is not real. Leave you alone your the one telling us to go film porn with our mothers! and you wonder why the american media portrays the muslim people so badly b/c of munchkin freaks like you your setting the bad sterotype.

Anonymous said... all your info is completely wrong and I suggest you go actually write about things that you truly know about....don't bother we don't care if you hate us, we only care what allah (swt) thinks of us. Who are you to talk about us? We don't need your rude and inaccurate information...Islam is the true religion...and you can't do a thing about it.

Thomas said...

From one who appreciates your perspective and finds the secular and bashing responses to be offensive. Within Islam as within Christianity it is far too easy to take a view through the eyes of practitioners instead of through the faithful eyes of original intent and faith. Your eyes appear to be looking from a perspective I find to be helpful and refreshing.

Christian Science began as a Christian sect; however moved quickly and permanently to become an initiating force in secular humanism (even if it comes with a unitarian and non-forceful perspective). In my opinion, a careful study of Christian Science would move it closer to how you classify Hinduism and Mormonism.

With regards to Mormonism I can understand your harsh classification but find more commonality with Mormons who embrace Jesus Christ more than their temple worship. Strangely possibly to you and not to be offensive, many Christians perceive Islam and Mormonism to be similar in terms of being "works-based" religions (even if that perception is incorrect).

I can guess but would appreciate knowing how you classify yourself as a practising Moslem (Shia,Sunni, ...Pakistani).

I am curious as to what lessons are to be learned regarding Ishmael. I notice the importance of learning the lessons is mentioned 6-8 times within the Qu'ran. My sense is that Christians have failed to learn his lessons and I believe that they are a small place in which we can both be enriched. I am willing to tell you my perception of what many Christians think but more interested in understanding Ishamel's story from the perspective of the one and only God that we apparently both worship.

Anonymous said...

Empty vessel make the most noise ...The author of this lame article doesn't know the basics of Islam...
Please refer to Islam in Full and write your further articles...

Article is out of context to islam

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

First learn something before you post Brother. Ofcourse a lot of Holy books are there to follow but still more people in ISLAM too are not following this Quran completely. That's the problem. If itz a Bullshit for you then why the hell it also included JESUS as his previous prophet? Perhaps it would have hidden Jesus from the Row of Prophets. But it dint take place. Because of the fact that it is a Clear Message from the almighty(allah)to the mankind.