Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Very Little Known Facts about 2007: Top Ten Web Searches

As part of our week-long Year-In-Review series, today we look back at the top web searches of 2007. And what a year it has been! Former President Gerald Ford became the 3,000th American to die (indirectly) as a result of the war in Iraq, gas prices rose, and Britney Spears had a baby without wearing any underwear. How can anyone possible be expected to keep up with all this?

On the Internets, of course. Google, Yahoo, AOL, Linux, and MSN all keep track of the most popular searches--and you would be surprised by how many feature prominent results from articles posted in Very Little Known Facts. Check out just two of the Top Ten lists:

Top Ten Science Searches

  1. mixing different types of alcohol
  2. moon base
  3. remove impurities crystal meth
  4. facts about geranyl acetate
  5. Atkins diet
  7. bird flu
  8. stem cells
  9. +"light bulb" +inside +danger +toxic
  10. old fashion time hospital odor smell remove +vanilla

Top Ten Pop Culture Searches

  1. Paris Hilton
  2. christian bale muscle
  3. the alligator hunter steve irwin
  4. Iraq
  5. "first band to sample"
  6. Perez Hilton
  7. Playstation 3
  8. Ludacris Chris Bridges is gay
  9. Pamela Anderson
  10. MySpace

So remember, whether you need to know if rapper Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, is gay (he is) or if you just need to find out how to remove the impurities from crystal meth, Very Little Known Facts can be your one source for hard-to-find information on this crazy superhighway we call the world-wide internets.

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