Monday, January 29, 2007

Warning: Inaccurate Fact Alert

Well, it looks like the corporate fact-checkers over at McDonald's have let another wildly inaccurate "fact" slip through. Look carefully at the Happy Meal packaging found by Flickr user Frauenfelder (link) and you will see the following:

You can jump 6 times higher in space!

Obviously, they are talking about the Moon, since everybody knows that in space you can't jump at all. On the Moon, however, you can jump six times your own height.

So remember, faithful readers, never trust anything on the Internet. And never get your science facts from fast-food packaging.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fact Men: What's that little tiny piece at the bottom of the banana and why shouldn't I eat it?

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear anonymous,

It is a common misconception that some parts of food are "bad" or "inedible." The FCC has strict rules governing what can be considered fruit, vegetables, and also produce: ALL components must be not only edible but also nutritious. Just as the shell of a potato contains the most nutrients, so also the peel of the banana (including the nubbin, that tiny little piece to which you referred) is the "best" part to eat. And don't forget your lemon zest (like candy), artichoke leaves (make a great salad) and avocado pits (crack them like walnuts). Thanks again for your comment!

Eric said...

I like this site better. Have you ever used it? They jumped the gun and got to MediaWiki first. Maybe y'all should upgrade from this 1990's-era blog?

Oh, and why does my philtrum always tingle after eating hoisin sauce, reading a snippet from the Greek Anthology, then sneezing?

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear eric,

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we here at Very Little Known Facts are too busy for "wiki" sites which are notoriously unreliable. We prefer to count on our own, time-tested methods of research. Thanks again for your comment!

Anonymous said...

is there a unIcyclopedia?
if so where is it and how do i rise it?
mr. tim

walrus1960 said...

This site has the nerve to quantify Inaccurate Facts. half the crap on here is made up. get an education people. All you'll get hereis emabarrassment when you dispense these so called facts in public.