Friday, March 16, 2007

Web Rumor Concerning the Death of Sinbad (David Adkins)

We at Very Little Known Facts are saddened and dismayed to report on rampant rumors and speculation across the internet and the worldwide web that popular comedian and actor David Adkins, aka Sinbad, has died. Reports of his death have not been officially released by any creditable news agency, but based on web searches, we have deduced that Sinbad may indeed have succumbed to his long battle with illness.

There may be hope, however. If the attached picture is any indication, Sinbad (aka David Adkins) may still be alive and well. Unfortunately, this could simply be wishful thinking on our part. In the end there truly is no way to tell, so we will refrain from making any pronouncements.

Godspeed, Sinbad, and thanks for all the laughs.

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Invalid said...

Perhaps Sinbad is away on one of his many voyages to the Seven Seas.