Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Circle of Life

  • It takes 72 pounds of peanuts to make a pound of peanut butter.

  • It is illegal to import fresh peanut butter into America because the peanut plant is considered “non-native flora.”

  • THE WET LOOK: On average, Americans have two gallons of moisture in the clothes they wear. Most of this is contained in the air between their clothes and their body.

  • Through the simple act of smelling a piece of clothing, most people can determine if it was last worn by a man or a woman—even if it is brand new!

  • DO YOU SMELL THAT SMELL? Magic markers contain diluted paint instead of ink—hence the distinctive odor.

  • SOUNDS FISHY: Shark meat has no smell, even when rotting.

  • Sharks are the largest species of fish on Earth not counting whales, which are technically mammals.

  • IT TAKES A BIG LASSO: Whales, much like cattle (their land-lubber counterparts) travel in herds and are prone to “stampedes.” There is one big difference, however—no one ever got trampled by a runaway whale!

  • Cows are allergic to peanuts.


Mrs. Goforth said...

JB, you are a peanut.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear mrs. goforth,

Thanks for your comment! If that is indeed the case, I hope that I am not eaten by cows. Thanks again for your comment!

walrus1960 said...

Come on guys.. Stop spreading dis-information to these poor people.

Peanuts are native to the Americas therefore fresh peanut butter is not legally banned from America because it is "non-native flora." In fact once a product is processed, it is no longer a threat to native plants. that only refers to live plants and seeds.

A gallon of water weighs about 9 lbs. I hardly believe one would not notice wearing clothes containing nearly 20 lbs of water.

All rotting meat produces a smell. as this is the unpreventable phenomena of bacteria and enzymes breaking down the protiens within all meat. Releasing volatile gases(smells). Rotting shark meat smells like all rotting meat.

Magic markers are writing instruments that contain their own ink source. Not paint as you claim.
Paint contains covering agents such as titatium dioxide that help them cover and obscure a surface ,unlike magic markers. There are both non permanent(don't penetrate the surface) inks and permanent(those inks that penetrate the surface). regardless all contain what is known as inks, not paints.