Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Very Little Known FAQ

Have you ever had a question and wondered if someone had already answered the question somewhere in the past, possibly in the Nineties? Here at Very Little Known Facts we pride ourselves in our innate ability to provide an answer to any question. Who knows--perhaps the very question that has haunted you for years has already been answered by ourselves. Be sure to check the Very Little Known FAQ below.

Q: Is it legal to download and use images from the internet?
No. You must always ask for and receive the express written permission of the person or organization that owns the images before you can download them to your PC (Personal Computer). Maintaining a "copy" of an image on your computer is a crime punishable by law. Some web "browsers" come pre-configured to automatically download and display images from websites without checking for copyright infringement. This is a legal gray area. When in doubt, make sure you have the owner's written permission before viewing a website.

Q: Robin Williams used to be funny. Why is he so terrible now?
Robin Williams is no longer funny because he stopped using cocaine.

Q: What's the deal with airlines handing out those little bags of peanuts on flights?
Airlines face severe space and weight constraints on passenger jets. Their goal is to maximize use of the space available in the cabin--hence the fact that most cabin space is reserved for passenger seating. Of course, as a business it behooves them to keep their customers happy. Small, sealed bags of peanuts provide a popular and nutritious snack to passengers without taking up an inordinate amount of cabin space or adding a large amount of weight to the plane. Note that anyone who is allergic to peanuts should not ingest peanuts on an airliner.

Q: What does FAQ stand for?
The acronym FAQ is short for For Answering Questions.

Q: Are the noises I hear coming from my basement a bear?
This is a good question.

Q: For tax purposes, should I report that I am covered by my spouse’s current employer sponsored retirement plan for the fiscal year if my spouse has not worked at his or her job long enough to be vested?
If your spouse’s employer provides a separate account for each employee, any amount contributed or allocated by your spouse and/or your spouse’s employer to your spouse’s account is considered covered. It does not matter if your spouse has worked long enough to be vested. This is known in the industry as a Defined Contribution plan.

If, on the other hand, your spouse’s employer provides a Defined Benefit plan in which the employer must make enough contributions (together with earnings) to provide the retirement benefit promised in the retirement plan, your spouse must meet the minimum age and years of service requirements to participate in your spouse’s employer's plan. In this case your spouse is considered to be covered. It does not matter if your spouse is vested or not.

In either case, you should not report that you are covered by your spouse’s employer sponsored retirement plan. Only your spouse should report this.

Q: What if your whole life, your whole existence, was just a dream?
We have already covered this. As stated previously, it's not.

Q: Yeah, but like seriously, I mean, what if it was?
It's not.


Passion of the Weiss said...

That line about Robin Williams made my day. Nice work gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

...and that noise in your basement is most likely not a bear. There is more probability that it is a psychopath looking for a place to rest and lick the blood off his hunting knife.

Otherwise... very informative. Thank you.