Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Riddle Me This! Or Else!

Riddles and logic puzzles have fascinated mankind for decades. Can you figure out the answers to these Very Little Known classic riddles? Just in case you can't, we have provided the answers below for your convenience. Good luck!

1. The World-Famous Surgeon

A young boy and his father were driving on the Ventura Freeway when an SUV pulled in front of them and caused an accident. Both were injured, but the son was unconscious and bleeding. An ambulance came and rushed the son to the hospital. A world-famous surgeon was called in, prepped, and led into the operating room where the boy lay in critical condition. The surgeon took one look at the boy and said, "That child is my son. I can’t operate on him!"

Why couldn’t the surgeon operate on the boy?

2. A Game of Backgammon

103 backgammon players congregate from 56 different countries in Cleveland, Ohio. They meet to determine once and for all who the greatest backgammon player of all time is. The contest takes the form of a 7-round double-elimination tournament. Each round consists of the best of three games. The top-seeded player in each division is given a “by” for the first round.

How many games must be played before someone wins?

3. The Hanged Man

The police break into a locked room with no windows. As they trudge through a puddle on the bare concrete floor, they discover the body of a man dangling from a noose.

The security guard saw the dead man enter the room. The guard swears that no one else entered or left the room before or after the dead man entered it. The only way in or out of the room is through the door, which was locked. The ceiling is 25 feet high, and the noose only extends 4 feet down from the ceiling. There is no furniture of any kind in the room, nor are there any ladders, stairs, or other visible means to reach the noose.

How did the man die?

4. What the Old Woman Said

The old woman who lives in the haunted house on Pine Street tells people that she has 7 children. When asked if they are boys or girls, she says half boys and half girls. Is the old woman lying?

5. Coffee Klatch

The coffee klatch meets every Tuesday at the Java Shop, except on the first and last Tuesday of the month. George, Helen, and Steve always drink regular coffee. Bert, Karen, and Dave always order decaf. George, Steve, and Bert always sit on the couch while everyone else sits in a wooden chair.

Does Elizabeth drink regular or decaf coffee?

6. Quite the Bargain

A farmer was tired of watching his lazy son read comic books. One day the father gave the boy three dollars and told him to go down to the convenience store to buy the following:
  • something to feed the cows
  • something to plant in the garden
  • something to eat as a snack
  • something to drink
The father further stipulated that the son was only allowed to purchase one item. What did the boy buy?

7. A Terrible Tragedy

International Air flight 100 from Dallas to Mexico City crashes exactly on the border between the United States and Mexico, killing 17 people including the pilot (a Mexican) and his newborn son (who was just delivered over U.S. airspace.) Where do they bury the survivors?

The Answers

1. The surgeon (the boy's father) had been injured in the auto accident on the Ventura Freeway, as stated earlier in the story.
2. One. Someone will win the first game played. Unless it is a tie. In that case, the winner is chosen by secret ballot.
3. The man died from hanging.
4. Yes, she is lying. There is no such thing as a haunted house.
5. Neither. Elizabeth hates coffee.
6. Nothing. His father did not give him enough money, and in any case there was no single item that met all the specified criteria due to the limited selection of merchandise available for purchase in the convenience store.
7. Mexico.


Alice said...

Auuugh! It is "beyond me" why I am laughing so hard right now!

Pops said...

Wait, wait....without proper medical attention that first boy could die. Did that selfish f@#$ing god-complex parent think of that, what was it? Tee-time or something? I'm ashamed of riddles like that.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your comment! Perhaps you should take riddles more seriously, like pops. Thanks again for your comment!

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear pops,

Thanks for your comment! Indeed, riddles can bring up unexpected feelings of shame from deep within us. It is quite possible that you were reminded of a similar incident with your own father, or possibly a father you saw on tv once. Like Dick van Dyke. That's a funny name. Anyway, thanks again for your comment!

Anonymous said...

# 7. The question was "where to they burry the SURVIVORS? You said "Mexico" as the answer. Um... SURVIVORS are NOT burried in *any* country.


I am a survivor of a plane that crashed between USA and Mexico, and they did not bury me!