Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Action Facts!

  • A LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST: Marie Antoinette was not as dumb as everybody gave her credit for. She actually graduated with a degree from Oxford University.

  • President Grover S. Cleveland's nickname was Uncle Jumbo. This was apparently due to his excessive girth.

  • Any black bird can be considered a raven.

  • PUT THIS ON YOUR RESUME: In the Odd Jobs department, a Chicken Shooter fires chicken carcasses out of a moving aircraft and records the damage caused for insurance purposes.

  • All gypsies are ethnically Argentinian.

  • GET A HAIRCUT, HIPPIE: The lead singer of the band Midnight Oil originally starred in the 1979 horror classic The Hills Have Eyes. He later became a member of the British Parliament!

  • "Al dente" is a Spanish term meaning that pasta should be cooked until it is soft enough for someone wearing dentures to eat.

  • GROSS: The FCC outlawed America's only pornographic radio station in 1974.

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