Monday, August 21, 2006

Hot, Fresh New Facts!

Check out the latest batch of Very Little Known Facts about food, straight from our ovens to your computer!
  • Although Marie Antoinette's famously callous remark, "Let them eat some cake," sparked the French Revolution and the War of 1812, many cakes are actually nutritious and delicious.

  • OUCH! Once designated as poisonous, blowfish are now the number one delicacy in China.

  • Contrary to the popular misconception, gazpacho soup is traditionally served piping hot and smothered in cheese. (See also our authentic Guacamole recipe.)

  • PENNY-A-POUND-PEACHES: By the time the average man reaches 59 he has consumed exactly one million peaches. That is enough matter (gross bulk) to equal 100 pounds of peaches on the moon!

  • Out of all foods, mustard is the best at cleaning stains. Sadly, the FDA refuses to approve its use for anything but human consumption.

  • AT LEAST YOU'LL DIE HAPPY: Scallions (also called green onions, leeks, or shallots) have no nutritional value. If you were to live on a diet consisting entirely of scallions and nothing else, you could eat all you want but still starve to death!

  • "True" Mexican tortillas are pressed under the wheels of an antique wagon pulled by a mule.

  • On a related not, the word "quesadilla" is Mexican for "armadillo." One word of warning: Armadillos are known to carry leprosy and require a permit to keep as pets.

  • WHAT A WASTE! In Singapore they only eat the "walking legs" of the notoriously dumb langoustino. They throw the delicious tail away!

  • Scottish haggis is the only dish made from an animal carcass that is considered vegetarian.

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