Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We here at Very Little Known Facts are not prefect. Ha! Just kidding. On a more serious note, however, it is true that we here at Very Little Known Facts are not perfect. Although our dedicated team of volunteer fact-checkers, researchers, interviewers, editorial assistants, and janitorial staff work around the clock to keep you updated on all the newest and littlest-known facts in this world in which we all live and breathe, they are only human. So it falls to us, the editors, to apologize for their mistakes.

Unlike many reputable news organizations, we at VLKF have a policy of prominently displaying all our corrections. Read on and accept our sincerest apologies.

CORRECTION: In our post Hot, Fresh New Facts dated August 21, we reported the following:
  • WHAT A WASTE! In Singapore they only eat the "walking legs" of the notoriously dumb langoustino. They throw the delicious tail away!
The phrase "notoriously dumb" should have read "notoriously stupid." The phrase was not intended to imply that langoustinos are unable to speak; nor was it our intent to slag, denegrate, or otherwise impugn the speechless community. We at VLKF sincerely regret any emotional inconvenience that may have been caused by this misstatement.

ADDITION: In our post Very Little Known History of This Week: July 28 dated July 28, the following item appeared:

  • 1928: Al Capone is arrested and tried on charges of embezzling funds from his own crime syndicate.
The editors would like to append another phrase to the item. The entry should read:

  • 1928: Al Capone is arrested and tried on charges of embezzling funds from his own and other crime syndicates.
We sincerely apologize for any confusion due to the omission of this appendment.

CORRECTION: In our post entitled Happy Zero-th Birthday dated June 26, the following fact appeared:

  • IF YOUR BABY WAS BORN TODAY: Your child will graduate from college in the year 2020, except by then "college" will be a robot.
In actuality "college" will be a cyborg in the year 2020. Only after 2037 will college be a robot. We apologize for any inconvenience or financial planning misadventures caused by this error.

RETRACTION: In our post A Fact Is a Fact Is a Fact dated June 9, the following entry appeared:

  • Cold water boils faster than hot water.
The editors would like to retract this item due to questions which have arisen in the scientific community regarding its accuracy. Although true to the prevailing supposition at the time of posting, recent discoveries in this area have lead to postulations that cold water and hot water may, in fact, boil at exactly the same rate. We apologize for the confusion.

CORRECTION: Our post entitled That Sounds About Right... dated May 15 contained the following:

  • THE DAY THE MUSIC STOPPED: Country crooner Waylon Jennings was the sole survivor of the 1958 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Havens, and the Big Bopper.
In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that country crooner Waylon Jennings later died of grief. We mourn his loss.


Pops said...

I thought Buddy Holly died in a bathtub in Paris.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...
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Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear pops,

Thanks for your comment! I must point out that you are probably thinking of Marat, whose grisly demise was immortalized in the famous painting "The Death of Marat" by Larry David.

Thanks again for your comment!

Pops said...

Is this the painting to which you refer?

I believe a correction to your correction is in order.

Anonymous said...

Note from the editor:

Waylon Jennings died of grief and is now one foot under.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear "pops",
Thanks for your attempted correction! Here at VLKF we encourage readers to submit anything we may have "missed" in our presentation of the facts. In the future, if you wish to reference a hyperlink, make sure and follow the following protocal:
1. Choose a link that one can get to by clicking on it, this saves time and is quite easy to program after formatting your c drive.
2. If you choose to include a non-active link, remember to include the entire link, otherwise people will just be redirected to the Windows help section on inserting hyperlinks, and they will tell you the same thing:
format your c drive.
Thanks again for your comment and attempted correction!

XxDaisy05xX said...

Waylon Jennings did not die of grief. He died of diabtes related problems. In his home in AZ. He didn't die of grief, granted it took him some time to re-motivate himself to get back into music, he did not die of grief. He learned alot from Buddy Holly. My family grew up with Waylon, and my cousin played the drums for Buddy. I have heard countless stories and first hand accounts from people that knew Waylon best. He once borrowed maternity clothes from my great aunt for his wife. On the day he came to pick them up, he was go figure...Just wanted to give yall a bit of insight on the amazing stories that i have heard my whole life.