Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Triumphant Return of Actual Facts

After a short vacation, Very Little Known Facts is back--this time with even less known facts than ever!

  • THE ETERNAL CYCLE OF LIFE: The last letter of the Japanese alphabet is also the first letter.
  • If you invested $1000 in stock in the newly formed Apple Computers company in 1974, that investment would be worth over $1500 today.
  • IT TAKES ALL KINDS: It is considered rude to drive on the right side of the road in England.
  • People who were born in the last three months of the year are twice as likely to find out that they were separated at birth.
  • CLICK THEM CLICKERS: Castanets, now a staple of exotic Spanish flamengo dancing, were originally intended as a dog training tool.
  • Some have said that the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey harbor is the largest representation of the human form except for the Great Wall of China.
  • THINK OF THE CHILDREN: Some so-called "progressive" families practice the so-called "free-range kids" style of parenting which demonizes any punishment for misbehaving kids, encourages children to read banned books, and allows kids to run free with no parental supervision after the age of 4. If that still sounds like a good idea to you, perhaps you would like to hear the name of the most famous free-range kid who is now all grown up? Well, that kid was named JOHN F. HINCKLEY JR.
  • Michelle Bachman's husband was once engaged to the lead singer of Bachman Turner Overdrive.
  • HE LIKES IT! HE LIKES IT! Famed stand-up comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait got his start playing the reluctant Mikey in the famed Life Cereal commercials from the Seventies.

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