Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prank You Very Much

Just in time for April Fool's, here are a few classic and a few brand new pranks to play on your friends and loved ones. No particular reason.
  • Replace someone’s favorite cereal with the generic version. Maybe they won’t even notice! Maybe they will even like it better! You can decide later if you want to tell them or keep it a secret to avoid repercussions.
  • Add food coloring to someone’s food. They might not eat food if they notice that the food is an unexpected color.
  • Here's a hilarious prank: Glue the salt and pepper to the table top. Ask someone to pass you the salt. What are they going to do when they can’t pick the salt up?
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn in the middle of the night. Nobody expects to have their lawn mowed at night. Prank city!
  • Take a picture of your face. Print it. Now you can make a scary mask of you! Note: Do this in the kitchen for a “food-themed” prank.
  • Call a local pizzeria – Ask if they have a disc-o-dough to go! This will throw everyone for a loop. BONUS PRANK: Place a “real” order for a pizza during the call. Now you’ve got dinner covered as well!
  • Offer your beloved dog a meaty bone! When he comes to “collect” - Trip him! This falls into the category of animal or pet pranks.
  • Buy some layered cookie bars. Open them up, hollow them out, and fill them with mayonnaise and grass! Serve immediately! (Editors note: some grass is edible.)
  • CLASSIC PRANK: Peel off all the Campbell’s soup can labels and replace them with Andy Warhol’s painted labels. Be sure to match up the label with the soup can; otherwise you may have difficulty properly identifying the type of soup in the can.
  • Call a friend up on the telephone and always say the opposite of what they say. If they say “hello” you say “goodbye!” If they say “Why are you doing this?” you say “Why aren’t YOU doing this?” They will become frustrated and probably hang up.
Pro Tip: Everyone loves a funny prank, but be sure to get permission from your “victim” before tricking them. Otherwise you might cause offense. Be sure to select pranks that do not cause any harm or damage to the environment. Never perform a prank that could racially offend someone or cause excessive confusion. Always jump in and announce your prank as soon as it is discovered—that way everyone can enjoy the joke, and no one feels like a “victim.”

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pam said...

hilarious (and i like how you categorized your own post under "hilarious" as well) we agree.