Thursday, June 01, 2006

Laws That Are Still on the Books

In our wacky, zany, outdated legal system there are still laws on the books from over 50 years ago. Can you imagine? Watch out, or you might just get busted for breaking one of these Very Little Known laws you've never even heard about:

  • CRAZY BUT TRUE: In Maine it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus, even on the right.

  • In Saskatchewan, Canada, it is illegal to begin or end a conversation by physically striking someone.

  • WHICH CAME FIRST? It is illegal to transport live chickens across state lines.

  • In Oneida, New York, it is illegal to use cremated human remains in "bone china."

  • Billboards featuring graphic depictions of sexual intercourse are forbidden in all fifty states.

  • Bottlerockets are illegal in Tennessee unless used for "hunting purposes."

  • NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SODA: You can be arrested in Nebraska for entering a convenience store naked.

  • In Indiana, it is perfectly legal to shoot someone if they break into your home and assault a member of your household who is related to you by blood.

  • HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER: In some Georgia counties, it is illegal to purchase alcoholic beverages on a Sunday.

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