Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Very Little Known Facts of Life

No subject is too sensitive, too taboo, or too forbidden for Very Little Known Facts. We firmly believe that ignorance is the greatest impediment to understanding. Therefore we are proud to bring our Very Little Known Knowledge to bear on the hot-button issue of Human Sexuality.

The Kinsey Report

Volcanic? Explosive? Unbelievable? These are just a few of the superlatives that may have been used to describe Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, a report so shocking that it literally made the earth move upon its publication in 1949. Two years later Sexual Behavior in the Human Female finally came, and then again two months later as a second edition. Among the revelations:

  • The average length of a Caucasian man's penis is 6 inches flaccid and 9-10 inches erect. African American men were excluded from this study for obvious reasons.

  • The average bust size of a Caucasian woman is 36-38 c-d.

  • 100% of all males have had a homosexual encounter.

  • The average American male with no obvious physical defects has had over 100 sexual partners by the age of 21.

  • Almost every single woman interviewed for Sexual Behavior in the Human Female claimed to have had multiple instances of spontaneous orgasm merely from thinking about coitus. Only two women in the report said they had never experienced anything like this, and one of those women suffered from schizophrenia.

  • Kinsey also found that around 15% of the male population had masturbated at some point in their lives. Due to the stigmatization of onanism, he postulated that the actual figure was closer to 20%.

Masters and Johnson

Doctors William Masters and Virginia Johnson dedicated their lives to probing further and deeper into human sexuality. Their two classic texts, Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy, were not only titillating but also groundbreaking scientific works. Some of their findings:

  • The vast majority of women found that they most easily reached "climax" by using the missionary position and no other distracting stimulations. 83% reported that they "almost always " achieved orgasm within five minutes.

  • Although many consider it to be a mere annoyance or source of frustration, premature ejaculation is a serious medical condition that has been linked to prostate cancer and, in extreme cases, infertility.

  • The average duration of coitus between a man and a woman is one hour, not including foreplay.

  • Almost all women who have taken even a single dose of Viagra (tadalafil) have experienced serious side effects such as loss of libido, unwanted hair growth, euphoria, and blindness. In some cases these side effects manifest themselves after several years. Many doctors recommend Cialis (Sildenafil citrate) for women with sexual dysfunction, although as always patients experiencing arousal lasting for than four hours should seek immediate medical attention.

Fact and Fiction

Urban myths abound in the sensitive area of human sexuality, especially regarding methods of birth control. Consider the following:

  • You can't get pregnant your first time: FALSE! 75% of mothers reported that they only had one sexual experience before becoming pregnant, while 20% reported multiple sexual encounters.

  • You can't get pregnant if you have sex standing up, in the shower, or while watching television: FALSE! Because humans evolved from ocean-dwelling proto-mammals, water actually helps the conception process. Watching television facilitates the release of endorphines, which also aid conception. Coitus while standing does provide better odds against pregnancy, but the act itself is logistically impossible except for trained athletes.

  • You can't get pregnant during your period: FALSE! Just as the increased blood flow during menstruation make the female body more susceptible to infection, it also makes it more susceptible to conception.

  • You can't get pregnant if you practice the rhythm method or early withdrawal: TRUE.

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