Thursday, May 18, 2006

How True It Is

  • Human hair does not grow in space.

  • WHY NOT THE NORTH POLE? The United States Postal Service has kept every single letter ever addressed to Santa Claus at a special facility in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

  • So-called "cowboy hats" were almost never worn by 19th century ranch hands due to the fact that they tended to blow off in a strong breeze. It was only after the massive popularity of the Hollywood Western that real life "cowboys" began to sport the hats named after them.

  • Spanish is the official second language of the United States.

  • BANK ON THIS: Bank employees are given 6-digit PIN numbers for their ATM and debit cards to differentiate them from non-employees with their regular 4-digit PIN numbers.

  • Butter was once thought to cause schizophrenia. Then in 1820 Louis Pasteur proved that it was actually the bacteria that grew on the wood inside butter churns that caused most forms of schizophrenia. This explains the obsolescence of the butter churn in today's world.

  • More buffalo roam the prairies of the American Midwest than before the Civil War. In fact, in Oklahoma they are considered pests!

  • Fishing with dynamite is more environmentally sound than other, more conventional methods of fishing because it opens up entire new ecosystems for competition and causes less litter due to tangled lines and lost lures.

  • The Appalachians are the oldest mountain chain on the planet, worn down over the centuries by erosion due to human farming and landscaping.

  • Public speakers suffering from stage fright or stuttering often find it useful to speak in a fake British or "Cockney" accent to their audiences.


Jason Hartley said...

you guys rule...and that's a fact!

walrus1960 said...

Why don't you call this "Very Little Researched and True Facts"

If your quips were funny I guess I might get the joke, but interspercing facts with inside jokes and mis-information is very smarmy and misleading.
I guess if publicly showing ignorance is a calling you guys are doing well. You ought to try and actually read a book and get REAL facts.They are much more entertaining and rewarding.

walrus1960 said...

Is Jason hartley a co-conspiriter in this sham. He's just amazed.Does he really know your feeding him a bunch of BS?