Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Praise of the Very Little Known Fact

Science tells us that human beings only use about 10% of their brain capacity. Men average 11%, while women clock in at 13%. Nobody alive can tell us why this is the case, but isn’t it just possible that exorcising these faculties can improve mental capabilities? Some say yes. And what better way to expand your mind than by learning something new every day? Think about that. While you're thinking, here are some Very Little Known Facts:

  • White cats are tone deaf.

  • Peanuts are technically legumes, meaning that they form the root systems of small, deciduous trees.

  • BUT ARE THEY MADE OF CHEESE? There are more attics in America than moonrocks on the Moon.

  • Human eyelashes are composed of a single, fibrous cell.

  • In addition to conquering most of Europe and Eurasia, Napoleon Bonaparte invented:

    • the breech-loading cannon
    • the flanking maneuver
    • the jury system
    • linoleum
    • the modern system of street numbering with even numbers on the north or east side, odd numbers on the southwest side.

  • COLD COMFORT: Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon did not invent Neopolitan ice cream or the “Napoleon” pastry, although those sweet treats were named after him.

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Tasha said...

white cats are from outer space.