Thursday, October 19, 2006

Becoming Whelmed

Feeling frustrated? Frazzled? Stressed out? At your wit's end? Chances are that you are overwhelmed. Conversely, if you feel bored and listless, you may be underwhelmed.

Either way, the condition is serious, and certainly no laughing matter. Healers recommend occupying the positive middle ground ground between the two. Strive to become whelmed.

In our ongoing series called Towards a Better Wellness for Tomorrow, we here at Very Little Known Facts bring you the latest in self-help tips and techniques. Allow yourself to enjoy.

  • Every now and then, take a break. You deserve it.

  • Violet is the most musical color. Why not spruce up your workplace with a song of lilacs?

  • When it comes to career choices, choose wisely. Otherwise, you may "career" off course.

  • Take all the time you need. It's important.

  • Don't let the bums get you down. But don't get yourself down either!

  • Remember to breathe.

  • Your space is your own. Use it judiciously.

  • You should take better care of yourself.

  • Seriously, folks--you gotta be good to yourself, too.


carrie said...

I feel better already. Thanks guys!

quick question--Is it proper to say "I am whelmed" in response to a how are you type question?

Alice said...

Another: Don't read VLKF in a quiet, university library or you may seriously jeopardize the whelmless of your fellow patrons.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear carrie,

Thanks for your comment! Of course it is proper to say, "I am whelmed," unless of course you are NOT whelmed, in which case it is a lie, punishable as a misdemeanor in most Midwestern states. Thanks again for your comment!

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear alice,

Thanks for your comment! Naturally we must demure with your opinion, since both the university and Very Little Known Facts are (in essence) institutions of higher learning. But one of them is free. Thanks again for your comment!