Monday, October 02, 2006

In Actual Fact...

  • The March 1955 issue of Playboy did not have a centerfold.

  • To increase the life expectancy of rubber bands, keep them refrigerated.

  • SOMEBODY IS GETTING SPANKED! Traditionally, there is only one day a year for birthday parties in China. This is the seventh day of the New Year, which is known as “everybody’s birthday.” (Remember, that’s the Chinese New Year.)

  • Some have said that giraffes have no vocal cords. This is a myth. Giraffes rarely vocalize, but when they do they sound like elephants.

  • JIFFY TIME: A “jiffy” is an actual measurement of time, although the measurement varies between 0.01 seconds, 0.0025 seconds, 0.001 seconds, and 0.00000000000333564 seconds.

  • There was no full moon in the month of February 1961.

  • STUCK ON YOU: When a den of rats becomes overcrowded, the tails of young, malformed, or injured rats can become inextricably intertwined and subsequently fused together in a Gordian knot of blood, dirt, and excrement. These unnaturally conjoined rodents must then live out the balance of their lives in a filth-covered mass known as a Rat King.


Javes said...

is the guy in your group related to you?

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Thanks for your comment, javes!
It is unclear who you are addressing in this question, but I have a sure fire answer that many scholars love to reference when "stumped"! He is related to you! Each and every guy on the site!
Thanks again guy!

javes said...

It's pronounced Javes.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Thanks for your comment, javes!
Your name is indeed an interesting one, the correct pronunciation being identical to the American language's "YOU"!
Thanks again!