Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cold and Flu Season Strikes Back!

Ah yes, as Christmas and/or the Holiday Season approaches, so also lurks the sinister specter of Cold and Flu Season 2007-2008.

But take heart! Scientists are beginning to understand the diabolical mechanisms of this potentially deadly or possibly just annoying duo of illnesses.

As a supplement to our groundbreaking post for last year's Cold and Flu Season, our crack researchers have found the following articles that pretty much tell you all you need to know about how to avoid getting sick:

Cold and Flu germs are spread indoors much more easily than outdoors. Remember that you get sick from people, so always avoid other people at all cost. This article also tells you to bundle up since lowering your body's temperature do to cold hampers your immune response and makes you more susceptible to infection.

Cold and Flu germs are spread outdoors much more easily than indoors. This article highlights new research showing that germs hang in the cold air, so whatever you do don't leave your house. Additionally, a article about this article tells you that dressing warmly is absolutely no protection against getting sick, so let's all party naked in the snow!

For even more internet health information that is even more definitive than this internet health information, check out our previous article Health Info on the Internet: Lethal? If you don't read it, you might already have cancer.


Pops said...

Is the common cold the gateway illness leads to THE AIDS?

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear pops,

Thanks for your comment! It is a common misconception that the cold virus can "retrograde" to THE AIDS. But colds are airborne, and you cannot contract THE HIV in the air--yet another reason to join the Mile High Club. Thanks again for your comment!

walrus1960 said...

Checked into the PLos Pathogens site claiming the flu virus lives better outside rather than inside in warm enviroments. the PLos Pathogens site is an open site that allows anyone ,without credentials or merit to add to its publication. If it is true that the flu virus prefers the cold enviroment why does it do so well in a nice warm(98.6 degree) human body? Another false calim from the bogus site.