Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Today Only: Cavalcade of Facts

  • Birds do not sleep in their own nests. They must instead find a nest made by another bird or woodland creature to sleep in.
  • DRY CLEAN ONLY: A company in Japan sells underwear made from toilet paper.
  • The word "lamination" is derived from "lamentation" because funeral directors often covered their business cards in plastic so they would not be ruined by tears.
  • According to one estimate, comedian Tyler Perry is the world’s richest transvestite.
  • Approximately 175 million cubic yards of earth was dug up or dredged from waterways to create the Panama Canal. This material was used to form the country of Ecuador.
  • In 1982, a cactus in Phoenix, Arizona killed a man.
  • THINK OF THE RACCOONS: Due to the possibility of animals nesting in your engine block, PETA recommends that you shout, beep the horn, and bang the car door before entering any car parked outdoors.
  • The "Mexican Hat Dance" is the unofficial dance of Mexico.
  • Leslie Easterbrook, who played Callahan in the "Police Academy" movies, sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 17.
  • People who wear dentures are often afraid to eat.

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