Friday, April 13, 2007

The Original Odd Couples!

Everybody remembers The Odd Couple starring heartthrob Walter Matthau and finicky Tony Randall as a wackily mismatched pair of ne'er-do-wells whose dysfunctional relationship led to madcap adventures in housekeeping high jinks. But long before the television series, long before the movie that it spawned or even the Broadway musical, history itself paired some of the most unlikely duos together in fateful circumstances--and hilarity ensued!

Antony and Cleopatra

He was a hard-charging, rough-riding military man. She was the sophisticated Queen of the Nile. Their romance would inspire such masterpieces as a Shakespeare play, an Elizabeth Taylor movie, and even a Latin pop sensation. But did you know that Marc Antony was Roman and Cleopatra was actually Greek? Star-crossed love indeed.

Catherine the Great and Frederick the Great

What a pair these two made. She was a notorious prude, preferring the company of her horse to any of the suitors vying to share her throne and her bed. He was quite the rake--the racy lingerie chain Frederick's of Hollywood was named after him. But somehow they managed to juggle two empires and two royal families to keep their one perfect love alive.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine Baker

He was emperor of France. She was a poor singer, the original Les Miserable. But fate brought them together for one night of passion that changed the course of history. Indeed.

Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant

A tee-totalling Quaker from Illinois and a whiskey-swilling general from somewhere else. What could these two blow-hards accomplish while fighting all the time? Just saving the Union, freeing the slaves and winning the Civil War. That's all.

Siskel and Ebert

One was fat, one was skinny. One had hair, the other one did not. One is dead and the other one is still alive. And no one could tell them apart! These two were the original odd couple if ever there was one.


Alice said...

By any chance is that feller in the painting there named Enoch?
Because, by my lights...

walrus1960 said...

Cleopatra was not Greek. She was Egyptian of Egyptian parents from Alexandria Egypt.

Josephine Baker was a French-American dancer singer born in 1906.
Since Napolean died in 1821 it is hardly possible they ever had a relationship as you claim.
Again you have confused two seperate charachters in history.

Napolean married a daughter of French Martinique plantation owners. Her name was Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais not the entertainer Josephine Baker.

Katherine and Frederick the great were never lovers. In fact Frederick was likely a homsexual.

Lincoln was not a Quaker and was born of Baptist parents.

and Walter Matthau never was classified or known as a "heartthrob". This can be backed up by all photos.

You guys pull these "facts" out of your ...?