Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Brother, Can You Spare a Fact?

How much would you pay for a fresh batch of Very Little Known Facts? As far as I'm concerned, these are priceless!

  • The Roosevelt dime originally featured the mustachioed visage of Teddy S. Roosevelt. Before that it bore the likeness of Booker T. Washington who invented over 100 uses for peanut butter.

  • You must pay a $10 admission fee to climb Mt. Everest.

  • Studies have shown that orange is the most beautiful color.

  • NOW THAT'S FRESH: The first television commercial was for Pepsodent. It was fifteen minutes long!

  • The planet Mercury is so hot that a human standing on the surface with no protective clothing would die of heat exhaustion within a year.

  • It is an old Marine Corps tradition to return a Purple Heart once the bullet is removed from the body.

  • HOW VERY SPORTING: Ty Cobb is the only professional baseball player to kill an opposing player during a game. A hometown jury acquitted him of manslaughter, but he was still suspended for four games by the President of Baseball.


Unhetero said...

I also heard tell that Cobb was called "The Georgia Peach" not for his birthplace or residence but for his affinity pre-pubescent boys.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

Dear unhetero,

Thanks for your comment! Of course we here at Very Little Known Facts do not traffic in hearsay or speculation, scuttlebutt or character assassination. However, I believe I can clear up one point: the "Georgia Peach" is actually a major tourist attraction in Gaffney, SC. Thanks again for your comment!

Anonymous said...

If visiting Georgia, don't forget the Cobb Galleria! It is the finest collection of corncobs and corncob paraphernalia in the world. Try their Cobb salad!

don said...


Anonymous said...

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